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 Undertaker (Kehehe!)

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PostSubject: Undertaker (Kehehe!)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:00 am

Name: Undertaker

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Clothes: Dressed in completely black, long clothes, with very long sleeves, a grey piece of fabric that goes from his left shoulder and tied at his waist. He also wears beads and leather boots with a number of straps. He always wears his trademark hat that has a long piece of veil-like fabric protruding from the top of his hat and almost touching the ground.

Race: Reaper (retired)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical Description: Very long, silver hair, his fringe covers his eyes which seem to be gold.
He has pale skin with a scar across his face and another around his neck. Long, black nails.

Organization: Neutral

Rank: Retired Shinigami

Weapons: Reaper Scythe

Abilities: No current abilities

Character Traits: Eccentric, weird, quirky, has a bizarre sense of humour

As his name would suggest, Undertaker is a grave digger and a funeral director.
He is very odd, is fascinated with the human anatomy and loves to laugh, so much that he only accepts his services to be paid by good jokes. He is very mysterious and seems to know a lot of valuable information that he will only give with a price...a joke of course XD But it’s got to be really good. He also has some creepy habits such as hiding in coffins, drooling whenever he gets excited and touching people (especially necks and faces)

Desired personal rank: I luv jokes XD

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grell sutcliffe

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PostSubject: Re: Undertaker (Kehehe!)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:25 am

aproved X3
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Undertaker (Kehehe!)
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