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 Sebastion Michaelis

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Sebastian Michaelis


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PostSubject: Sebastion Michaelis   Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:06 am

Name: Sebastion Michaelis

Sex: Presumeably Male

Age: Unknown

Clothes: My outfit hardly ever varies from the standard Phantomhive Butler attire. It usually consists of a black overcoat with tails and and black vest that has no back. I wear under that a white dress shirt complete with a black tie and black slacks. To finish the ensemble I have also a pair of polished black (surprised?) shoes.

Race: Demon

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Physical Description: standing at 6 feet tall I have short black hair. My eyes are a intoxicating crimson.

Organization: I am currently "employed" as a Phantomhive Butler.

Rank: One Hell of a Butler

Weapons: I carry an assortment of cutlery and silverware. just dont ask where I hide it.

Abilities: I am more than capable in the art of cooking, cleaning, organizing, and combat. To be anyless, I could not be a Phantomhive Butler. I have great speed and accuracy as well as strength. I am also gifted with enhanced healing. My contract however states that I cannot allow any harm to come to my Lord. I will do anything necessary to ensure his survival until the contract is fufilled. While most attacks are harmless to me, I cannot ignore those of a supernatural or magical quality.

Character Traits: You will find noone more confident than me. I will harass when needed, scold when needed, and of course praise when justified. If I have no real quarrel with you I can be the most pleasent of servants. Cross my Lord, well just dont, you will live longer.

Bio: You're more likely to figure out the meaning of life before you can figure out what goes through Sebastian's mind on a daily basis. To the outside world Sebastian appears to be nothing more than a responsible butler who possess incredibly skill, always following through orders he is given to the letter, never complaining with a polite and mild smile on his face.

Not many would know that underneath that friendly facade hides many secrets, including a certain sadistic streak that he will indulge if he feels he can get away with it. He does take some pleasure in pondering the various horrible punishments he'd like to inflict on the incompetent humans surrounding him; as they tend to have a habit of stuffing up and leaving him to do all the work. Sebastian, despite his obvious mean and sadistic streak, does take it upon himself to tease Ciel when his master is in danger. Goading him with how hopeless he is in order to get the boy to give in a direct order; despite that he does actually enjoy the back and forth battles they have even in the fact of immediate danger.

However it is rather unclear how he actually feels towards his master, while his dedication is mainly due their contract every now and again he will do things that will cause you to wonder; like comparing him to the cat, shielding his eyes from a blood murder or even lending him his coat.

Sebastian can be ruthless, given the right situation and even the right order, he can and will massacre those who stand in his way even with something as small and simple as silver wear. Despite his appearance, expressions and even demeanor, he can and will be cruel; may it be via stabbing a knife into your shoulder or something a subtle as certain words. He isn’t one to be messed with, especially when it involves Ciel.

Most think him to be nothing more than a simple butler, but Sebastian is so much more, he is a demon bond in contract to a twelve year old boy.

Desired personal rank: One Hell of a Butler
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Sebastion Michaelis
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