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 Jane Galligers (Madame J)

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Madame J


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PostSubject: Jane Galligers (Madame J)   Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:09 pm

Name: Jane Galligers

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Desscription: She has blue hair, about 5'4", dark grey, almost black coloured eyes, mostly wears dresses of colours like blue, green, and red.

Orginization: Phantomhive Servant

Rank: Maid/Phantomhive Protecter

Weapon: Jeweled knife hidden in dress.

Abilities: Agile, but slow when comig in fo the kill (she's left handed but out of habit charges on her right side).

Character Traits: Jane is street smart (a little to much for how young she is), she knows how to act easier on her own making it hard for her to take orders from people, she rather be caught in downtown London more than at an elengant ball, last she always (almost always) has to have the last say on the matter.

Bio: Her parents having been killed in a cross-fire between gangs when she was five she lived life on her own for a long time. She did odd jobs around the city (which includes from helping at docks to doing the dirty work for rich nobles), until Sebastian came by and offered her a job at the Manor two years before. She has worked loyally there ever since, making as much trouble as she cleans up.

Desired Rank: Phantomhive Hepler

Other: (Her picture is the one I use for my avatar)

Does this work for a character?
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Jane Galligers (Madame J)
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