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 Imogen Clark

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PostSubject: Imogen Clark   Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:30 pm

Name: Imogen Clark

Sex: Female

Age: 13

Clothes: She wears a black, long dress. That dress has a long, white apron covering the front side of the dress. Her shoes are long, black boots that are kept mostly under the dress. The only part showing is the bottom part of the shoes. That is about all she wears.

Race: Experimented Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Physical Description: Imogen has long blond hair that goes down to her lower back, but she always wears a two braid in the back. In the front, there are two piece of blond hair on each side. Now her eyes. Her right eye is a vivid forest green. The other one is sky blue. They appear to always be sparkling in happiness or staring curiously at something. She has porcelain skin that is as soft as it looks.

Organization: Phantomhive Maid

Rank: Gardener

Weapons: I guess a shovel, garden scissors, etc. Other garden stuff that are deadly.

Abilities: Like I said, she was an experimented on human. So she herself is a weapon. They injected liquids that basically makes her a super human. Slightly stronger than a normal person, faster than a normal person, and could read a person's mind or talking to them something telepathically. But when she is very scared or nervous, she cannot use these abilities. Also, sometimes she doesn't know she is reading their minds and replies to them, leaving them wondering how she read their mind.

Character Traits: She is a very thoughtful, sweet, nice, and careless person. Also, very independent. She doesn't want to be a burden to anybody. Sometimes when she is meeting someone new, she gets quiet and shy. But, normally, she is very active and very stubborn. She will tell someone off if she has to. Isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She is very dense in the love department. Imogen also knows self defense. When she is alone, she is afraid of the dark. And also, she is afraid of needles. The girl will get stabbed before she lets a needle touch her after what THEY did to her. Is loyal and very responsible. But, unfortunately, she has another side to her. Sometimes, she will just become dark, hopeless, just.... dark. When she is like that, it's because she is depressed and her other side is taking over. If she becomes vulnerable, she will not be herself.

Bio: She was taken from her family at a very young age. She can't even remember them! All she could remember was that she was experimented on constantly. One of the experiments gave her multicolored eyes. Another one gave her the abilities stated above. Also, she has a 'being' inside of her, due to another one of their experiments. Then she escaped from the people, because during one of the experiments, her other side took over and wrecked the place.. Less than a year ago, Sebastian hired her.

Desired personal rank: The Bleeding Doll

Other: She has an obsession with chocolate and shiny things. Also, my profile pic is picture of her.
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Imogen Clark
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