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 Keisuke Senshi

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Keisuke Senshi


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PostSubject: Keisuke Senshi   Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:23 am

Name: Keisuke Senshi

Sex: male

Age: appears 20 but never says actual age

Clothes: white shirt with a black vest and tie, gray pants, black loafers

Race: demon

Alignment: Never really says, but it's implied by how he talks about justice that he can work for any side of lawful (Good, Neutral, and/or Chaotic)

Physical Description: Keisuke stands at an exact 6 foot tall with a fairly lean build. His hair is about 20% dyed. His bangs are dyed purple and white and are combed more to the left side of his face, so it often seems off putting when his bangs sometimes falls over his left eye. The rest of his hair is a natural blackish brown, but it's hard to determine if it's closer to brown or black. His normal eye color is never actually seen by anyone, he wears contacts that make his eyes appear a mix of orange and yellow.

Organization: He claims to not work for anyone but he is a phantomhive employee

Rank: 2nd class Butler

Weapons: He always carries about 3 to 5 daggers in his vest, the number varies based on where he is or where he is going, he normally carries no more than 3 unless he thinks he may need more. Keisuke also carries around a pen with him, though it's not much of a weapon with a bit of force stabbing is no problem.

Abilities: Demons may have many abilities but Keisuke has hardly master just the 4 that he does have.
Enhanced speed, if he runs for too long then he'll start to skid when he tries to stop.
Transformation, he can only hold his human form for 5 days before turning into his demon form again, and he cant go back into his human form again for another 2 days, which is why he always leaves the manor on the weekends.
Manipulation, this has to be his weakest ability, and the only thing that he envies Sebastian for, besides if it was Keisukes strong suit then he wouldn't work another day of his life.
Manifestation, he can recreate anything... well nothing bigger than 12 feet in height and 20 feet wide, anything larger and it's very unstable.

Character Traits: Keisuke claims to be a pacifist but he is really a very sadistic person the sight of blood (depending on how much) can cause him to go weak in the knees. Keisuke never seems to be able to take off a clam and collect face, no matter the situation. He tries to separate himself from other people, some more than others. This has caused his social skills to become slightly weak, but he was never really that social in the first place. He tends to keep to himself, giving him a rather indifferent feel around him. He writes most of his thoughts in a journal, which he keeps in his pants pocket, along with his pen, at all times so nobody else can read it. It's fairly hard to tell that he is a demon because he doesn't seem to show any of the abilities, anywhere with other Phantomhive employee around that is.

Bio: Keisuke has only recently been using human skin, in fact he's been working with the Phantomhives for what you could say has been his 'mortal' life. At first he was hired by one of the companies in in America but soon found his way up the ranks and somehow found himself in London supposedly to help Vincent Phantomhive. By the time that Keisuke had arrived at the Phantomhive manor a man, clearly a butler, opened the door only to close it right in Keisuke's face. So Keisuke knocked at the door again, this time stating his name hoping that there wouldn't be confusion about this. This time when the door opened it was a different person, a female in a maids uniform. She let Keisuke into the manor.

After explaining why Keisuke was there the women said that there must have been a mix up sense Vincent Phantomhive had already been dead for a few years. The women took Keisuke to see who was currently the head of Phantomhive, Ceil. Surprised and of course shocked to learn that a kid was pretty much running the show Kouhei still managed to act as he normally did, hiding under his calm and collected mask. Though The greater shock to Keisuke was that, despite what Keisuke believed that he was sent here for, was still going to work here. Throughout his time working in the Phantomhive manor, he can really hardly be considered a butler sense he has really done just some of the other staffs jobs. Also during his time working here he learned of Sebastian and Ceils connection, though it was more of an accident. Keisuke was cleaning the halls when he overheard their conversation.

Desired personal rank: Butler

Other: When he leaves every weekend he always go to the same place to spend the weekend, the library, hoping to find out how to control his power at least a little bit better.
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Keisuke Senshi
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