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 Angelina Durless (Madam Red)

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Madam Scarlett Raven

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PostSubject: Angelina Durless (Madam Red)   Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:52 pm

Name: Angelina Durless (Madam Red)

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

Clothes: Wears a red dress, red hat, and black gloves mostly. She is always seen wearing the color red.

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Physical Description: Red hair in a short bob style with red eyes and delicately pale skin.

Organization: Doctor at Royal London Hospital, Jack the Ripper

Rank: High Ranked in Society, Surgeon in Hospital and Well-Known Anonymous Killer

Weapons: Madam Red uses Grell the Reaper as her weapon and a knife.

Abilities: Madam Red has a great medical background and has a very high intelligence. She is able to elude being caught for a great while and can easily set traps. Her only weakness is her past. She had a very painful past and that can sometimes get in the way of her plans.

Character Traits: Madam Red is an intelligent and regal lady with excellent manners. She is flirtatious and cheery around handsome men and treats everyone with kindness. She acts naive, innocent and childish because it gets her more attention, particularly from men, despite her true nature. She remains aloof in public of her troubling past and present problems. At times, she can be perverted by telling dirty jokes and doing obscene gestures.

Bio: Angelina grew up with her sister Rachel whom she loved dearly. As a young child, she was shy and often hated her red hair. As she grew older, she met Vincent Phantomhive and fell in love with him. When she learned that her sister Rachel was to marry him, she was distraught but not jealous. She claimed as long as the two people she loved was happy, then she was happy as well. She became a doctor, despite her parent's wishes and later met her husband Baron Barnett. He was aware of her love for another and accepted it, in return making Angelina happy and loved. She became pregnant with the Baron's child but lost both the baby and her husband in a carriage crash. She was unable to have children afterwards and was envious of her sister Racheal for her happiness with Vincent and Ciel. She began aborting babies from prostitutes in her profession at this time and later on killed those who asked for the abortions. Being distraught of her life events, on her way to Ciel's birthday, she then sees the flaming remains of what use to be the Phantomhive manor. Since the fire and the death of her sister and brother-in-law, she has treated and raised Ciel as if he were her own.

Desired personal rank: ---

Other: ---

Audition: Angelina positioned the crimson red hat atop her head and admired herself in the mirror. So much red. How she loathed the color! The color seemed to come and go from her life, meaning and reminding her of the good and bad. But there was one thing she couldn't deny about the passionate color: She looked good in red.

Her thoughts were interrupted by even more red. Her butler, Grell, walked up behind her and cleared his throat to demand her attention. She sighed and turned to see him give a little bow. "Your carriage is ready Madam Red." He said with a sly smile. She observed his toothy grin. He only grinned like that to her and when they were absolutely alone. And just as quick as the smile spread on his face, just as quick was it replaced with a solomn thin mouth. The wild red mane of his turned brown and tied back into a tight ponytail. Only a few strands hung gracefully from the side of his shy face. There was also no denying: The shinigami Grell amazed her.

"Thank you Grell. We shall leave for Phantomhive Manor now." She lifted up her red skirt so it would not drag across the ground. She followed the handsome young butler down to her ebony carriage where he loaded three medium sized carpet bags in the back compartment and hoisted her up into the carriage. He gently shut the half-door and went to the front. He took the reins and started the white mares into a steady trot towards the Mansion. Madam Red wait in the carriage, silently eager to see her nephew Ciel after 7 years.
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Angelina Durless (Madam Red)
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